Tuesday, December 7, 2010


To begin with, I should pick up where my last blog post left off.  Our flight DID end up being delayed and we spent the night in an airport hotel and left the next morning.  There were no flash mobs or other types of musical numbers, but I had some really great bonding time with my sibs and cousin.  More on that later, probably.

Thanksgiving was THE BOMB.  But that is not what I want to talk about today.  Today I want to talk about Black Friday.  I think that Black Friday is a terrible social convention and I never want to participate in it again.  I don't even care how much money I could potentially save.  I would prefer not to be trampled by Wal-Mart employees.  

On this last Black Friday, all of the ladies in my family, and I mean ALL, went to H&M and terrorized everyone in the store.  The fitting room attendants, random indie girls, the check-out girl.  They all hated us and our loud deliberating and the fact that there were twenty of us.  At one point the girls behind us in line said, "They seriously invited everyone in their family."  Aww, yeah.  We're that family.  Anyways, one of the things we deliberated about was whether or not I was allowed to buy these shoes:

Everyone thought that were ugly except for me and my grandma.  This is probably due to the fact that they are velvet, kelly green, have a large bow, and are tacky.  However, I still love them and I fought for my right to wear them.  In the end my awesome grandmother purchased them for me.  It was so nice.

I don't think anybody in my life knew how much these shoes would end up meaning to me.  They have brought Christmas spirit into my apartment.  Every night when I get home, I put on these shoes and put on a show for my roommates as we listen to Christmas music.  Some of the things I like to do in these shoes are:

1.  pageant walk 
2.  catwalk walk (same thing as pageant walk, except for no voice-overs by Haleigh talking about what I am modeling and how I like to give service)
3.  perform tap routines 
4.  shuffle down the hallway creepily approaching my roommate Alissa, who is just trying to brush her teeth, bless her heart
5.  step in time to Christmas songs by Celine Dion and/or Hilary Duff
6.  wear them with red socks
7.  spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear.

The point of all of this is that I am grateful for my roommates, for the Christmas season, for green velvet, and for photo booth.  Oh, and I'm thankful that we have the best Christmas tree the world has ever seen.

 Peace and blessings!