Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mean Thoughts That I've Been Having That I'm Going to Talk About Because Nobody Knows My New URL.

1.  When people post a picture on Facebook with the caption "sneak peak of the wedding pictures!!!!! :)" I automatically judge them and assume they are not mature enough to get married.  Because I am the expert on being mature enough to get married, since I'm a 20 year old.  But mostly because it's sneak PEEK.  Not sneak peak.
When you understand this, you are mature enough to be married.

2.  I want to punch someone in the face about The Hunger Games.  Everybody loves the Hunger Games, but I just don't.  I listened to the second book on tape on a road trip with my family, made Robby summarize the entire third book to me on a road trip, and read some online plot synopses.  So, I guess I haven't actually read it, so maybe I can't actually comment.  But I will.  I think it's a cool concept, average writing, and pretty awful characterization.  I hate Katniss.  Sorry.  I think she is one of the least believable characters I have ever been introduced to.  Like, who can be that awesome in every way about everything always and only behave nobly and lovingly always all the time and do exactly what you as a reader hope she would do every second and also be awesome at surviving in the Hunger Games.  Not a human, that's who.  She is so static.  Also, the love triangle is silly.  And also look at this hilarious picture of the three of them.  Peeta is such a shorty!

This is all.      

Friday, March 16, 2012

Things That I Like on Friday

I'm going to talk about some of my current favorite things, since Pinterest isn't doing a good enough job of keeping track of everything I'm obsessed with.  (Just kidding.)  (But really.)

1.  John Carter.
This picture!  It kills me! Don't you want to see this movie now?  

Robs and I are really into the TV show Friday Night Lights.  So we went to see a movie starring our favorite FNL alum, Timmy Riggins.  We fully expected that it would be the worst movie we ever saw but we went anyway, because we are faithful to all things Friday Night Lights.  Turns out, it was AWESOME.  Turns out, it's doing AWFUL.  Turns out, that's because of BAD MARKETING.  Read this.  It's fascinating.  Seriously.  I like the director.

2.  Keds.

They're just adorable these days.  Who knew?

3.  This.

4.  Also, this.
I keep wanting to say nasty things on Facebook to conservative people who I think are saying dumb things about politics.  But I haven't yet.  And I'm going to keep trying really hard not to.  This is my new mantra.

5.  The fact that I am going to actually graduate in August, and actually be done with all of my classes.  For real.  This has been a long time coming.

6.  The fact that this is what I did instead of finishing an essay I should have turned in, oh, six months ago.  That was my one goal for the day.  I just can't do it.  Independent Study has made me the world's most anxious student.  Why would I turn something in if I can obsess over it forever instead?  My graduation is actually a lot less certain than it seems, if this keeps up.