Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thoughts from my sickbed

You guys, I think I'm dying.

 Okay, not really.  But I do feel really sick and I have the most random symptoms.  Like yesterday my eye swelled up.  And today my ears hurt REAL bad.  And two days ago my wrists ached every time I turned a door handle.  I feel like a mutant or something.

So, I've been lying in my bed trying to muster up the energy to get started on the massive and overwhelming amount of homework I have.  But I can't do it.  Instead I've been just chilling here thinking about really random things.

Like about how I really wish there was a new episode of 30 Rock for me to watch.  Tina Fey rocks my world.  Seriously, check her out.  MOUSE EARS.  And a LEOTARD.  On top of a SKYSCRAPER.  I think they should make a 30 Rock episode about the taking of this picture.  That is what I want to watch.

Also, I've been thinking about how I really need to read a good book.  I want to read a book that's going to change my life.  I have all of these books I want to read but no time to read them.  It makes me sad.  I love reading.  I  miss it.  Any good book suggestions?  Any good time management suggestions?

I've also been thinking about how this video simultaneously rocks my world and really stresses me out.  Like, did she break out really bad after they filmed this?  All of that paint can't be good for her skin.  Also, did they do this all in one day?  I can't imagine that being possible, for some reason.  What part would they have done first?  She has really pretty hair though.  And I like how everything is so sparkly.  I've watched this like five times today.

But, this video is so much better.  I just watched it and I feel really inspired.  I like the music.  I like the message more, of course.

Also, I want an ice cream cone.  Graham canyon.  In a waffle cone.  Okay, bye.