Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bliggity Blog

I'm 27 pages away from finishing an awesome book (Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy, which takes place in South Carolina, which I'm visiting in exactly ONE MONTH FROM YESTERDAY! Woo hoo!) and I'm getting really sad about it.  I don't want it to end because reading it has been making me so happy.  This book has like been a part of my life for a while now and I don't want it to just go away.  You know the feeling?  So I'm procrastinating.  Which everyone knows in my world equals blogging.

Hi guys.  I have a few things to communicate.

1.  Regarding my last blog post, I would just like to clarify that the Tour de France's Spartacus is NOT Alberto Contador, but Fabian Cancellara, who is from Switzerland and a very good sprinter.  Thank you to literally every member of my immediate family for calling me out on that.  And thank you to Robby for explaining to me that Spartacus had nothing to do with the Clash of the Titans.  Different storylines both in the Tour de France and in mythology.

2.  Speaking of the Tour, I am devastated that Lance is out.  I love Lance.  He got a flat tire and was stopped for two whole minutes and then he crashed on several different days and now he is just not going to win no matter what he does.  Because of stinking crashes that weren't his fault.  There have been like a bajillion crashes so far, and they're all really really sad, but kind of amazing to watch.  For example,

3.  I've decided that my new favorite is this guy named Andy Schleck.  Mostly because of his accent, and because he's from Luxembourg, and who is ACTUALLY from Luxembourg?  Also because he's probably going to win the Tour de France.  I think they call people like me bandwagoners.  But his accent rocks because it seems so misplaced.  He just looks like an American guy to me, but then he has this hilarious accent.  Look...

My favorite part is, "I got a new bike, isn't it cool, no?"

4.  I realize nobody cares about the Tour de France and that I'm being really boring/snotty right now.  Sorry.  I will stop.

5.  But I can't think of anything else to talk about right now, so I'm just going to stop here.  Bye!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Two things that I love are apple pie and summertime.  (So American of me, right?  Happy 4th!)
Two things that I hate are reality television and sports.

Yes, I just said it.  I hate sports.  Love me anyways.

Fortunately, summertime is such a glorious thing that it can even cure me of my hatred for ordinarily awful things.  Like reality TV.  I hate The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, American Idol, America's Got Talent, For the Love of Ray J, Survivor...but I love So You Think You Can Dance.  I think that Cat Deeley is the most adorable person alive, and the best TV host ever, ever, ever.  I want to be her best friend.  I love the fact that she is a foot taller than most of the dancers, but still wears four inch heels every show.  Good for you, Cat Deeley.  Look!  I found a slideshow of her outfits this season.  I also love watching the dances.  Like this one from last week.  And this one from last week.  And, of course, this one.  Man, I love that show.

As far as sports, summer brings with it what is hands-down the BEST sporting event in the whole entire world. The Tour de France.  The Tour de France is the most exciting, complex, classy, mind-blowing sporting event ever.  It's like the opera of sports.  There are crashes, passes, peaks, valleys, rests, and climaxes.  It's all very exciting.  And I think that cyclers have the most incredible sense of teamwork.  They're all about drafting, which is so awesome and noble.  Every team has a star that's really good at sprinting, and the other team members will draft for him and let him rest the whole ride until the very end.  And then he sprints.  Really, really fast.  And so do all the other stars on all the other teams.  And all of the other sprinters feel this huge sense of loyalty for their other team members and don't want to let them down, so everyone is just trying really hard to win for their team.  It's really intense.  Thank you Mom and Dad for explaining all of this to me.

Except for last year, the whole team loyalty thing got totally messed up when Alberto Contador TOTALLY PASSED his teammate Lance Armstrong on one of the stages.  It was completely not allowed, but Contador ended up winning the whole Tour.  Which is awkward because they were on the same team.  But this year, Lance took the coach and all of the other good members from last  year's team Astana and made a new team.  Team Radio Shack.  And he is like seeking vengeance.  Lance vs. Contador.  To the death.  No, not really.  The little British announcers on the cycling channel are calling it the "Clash of the Titans" and they keep using the word Spartacus, which I think is funny.  I think they're talking about Contador.  For the record, I'm Team Lance.  Feast your eyes and ears upon this video.


Oh, and I just think that apple pie is delicious.  I made the best apple pie I've ever made today, in honor of America's b-day.