Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being British Means Never Saying You're Sorry (Just Kidding)

So, I'm finishing up my third week in London and I haven't blogged so far.  I know, I'm sorry.  I think I haven't been blogging mostly because I don't know how I can even communicate what I'm experiencing.  My days are so full and I'm seeing so many amazing things I've almost hit maximum capacity.

But, I'm going to try better to keep everyone updated about what I'm doing.  Here are the highlights so far:

1.  I got really into the Royal Wedding.  How could you not?  I was up early to join the massive throng and it was a blast.  The day included lots of cheering, fish and chips, actual British tea parties in Hyde Park, and (on my part), a little bit of crying.  "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire?"  "Every wedding is royal?"  Too sweet.  It was a happy day.

I found this outside of a tube stop.  It rocked. 

That is Kate!  It really is!  We found a side street that she would be driving past on her way to Westminster Abbey and got to see her really close.  Surreal.

2.  One of my favorite things about London is the hilarious street signs.  People just talk differently here, and it is mostly manifested through the signs.  A few of my favorites...

Not "Electrical Hazard" like in the US.  This is way funnier. 

Always "Shut", never "Closed"

This means "For Sale" or "For Rent", but it's fancier.  Took me a while to realize this wasn't a bathroom sign.  (P.S. They call the bathroom the toilet here and not the loo.  Kind of disappointing.)

An Exit sign, but better. 

3.  I've learned that although British food stinks, 

(This is British Breakfast.  I am fed it all the time.  It's as gross as it looks.)

...British candy is THE BOMB.  Take a look. 

This is the European equivalent to a Twix Bar, except for it's waaaaaaay more delicious.  It's full of caramel and "biscuit" and covered in superior European chocolate. 

The Kit-Kats here are out of control.  Imagine what a Kit Kat would taste like if it was covered in high-quality chocolate.  Now imagine that there are nineteen more layers of crunchy wafer goodness.  Now die of joy.  That's a chunky Kit Kat. 

And the bon-bons.  Oh, the bon-bons.  They don't have anything like bon-bons in the United States.  Bon-bons are this perfect mixture between a marshmallow and a lemon drop and crack-cocaine.

Now that I've tried literally every type of candy here, I'm calling it quits.  No more candy after every meal for me.  It's a sad day, but I decided I will get just as much pleasure out of bringing all of this candy home for everyone else to try. 

Well, there's the update.  I promise to keep blogging more regularly.  I have lots to say!  Stay tuned for my experience at Tintern  Abbey (ahhh!) and at some of the museums here.  Cheers! 


Collett said...

THANK YOU!!!! Christine and I check this blog everyday and wonder..."where is AMNDY????" I am so glad you are enjoying jolly old England! Keep eating candy keep trying everything! Its worth it. Love you max a million! keep having an amazing trip!

brooke: said...

omgogmomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg (freaking out) i'm obsessed with your adventured! oh, and BON BONS!!!!! i used to eat those ALL the time becasue they used to have a club at one of my schools that had them. SOOOO DELICIOUS! amanda i love your blog, and i love you and i'm so glad you're having so much fun!!!!!

emmakaren said...

This is greatness. And I agree, the food stinks, but the candy is BOMB. You should try and find these delicious wafer things called Hungry Hippos (yes, I'm serious) because they are amazing. Go on a search for them because they're super hard to find! But they're made by KINDER, or something German like that. I can't wait for more posts from you!

Jennifer said...

Fun post. When I came home from Europe (after my mission) I swore I would never eat American candy because I had been so spoiled by the yummy German chocolate.
You chose one of my favorite quotes from Will and Kate's wedding! I loved it--I would like to read the whole sermon from that Bishop.
Keep posting...I am so happy you get to have this experience!

Christine Jain said...

I am so happy. For real. Your life is fantastic and I am dreadfully excited for you <3