Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Feel Like I Have To Blog About The Royal Baby

So, listen.  Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge is having a baby and I. Cannot. Deal.  I am so happy.  I have been obsessed with Kate Middleton ever since I PERSONALLY SAW HER ON HER WEDDING DAY (braggin').  Plus, if you have ever seen my Pinterest board entitled "Babies" or my perfect nephew, you know I am also obsessed with infants.  So, like, Kate + a baby is almost too much for my heart to handle.  I don't have enough words.  So, here are some relevant links.

 Here, Snooki gives Kate some pregnancy advice.  Bless.

 Here and here are two articles about potential Royal Baby names.

That last one is a little bit distressing because TWO of my favorite names (guess which ones! I'll never tell!) are on the list and I will actually cry if Kate steals one of my baby girl names.  Because if I name my child after the Royal Baby, everyone will think I'm naming my child after the Royal Baby.

Also, sidebar.  One of my former favorite baby girl names is on there--Charlotte.  Robby vetoed it because I'm pretty sure he had a crush on someone named Charlotte when he was little and she didn't like him back.  He tells me it's because it sounds "too Southern" which I always take as the code phrase for having experienced unrequited love.  By the way, I keep a lengthy list of potential Meldau baby names and try to discuss them with Robby all the time and he has zero interest in it.  He has said no to literally every baby name I've ever nominated because apparently "We don't have children!".  Psh.

Anyways, I've been speculating a lot about what the Royal Baby is going to be named.  I've already decided she will probably be a girl, and I can't even fathom how disappointed I will be if I'm wrong (Because they changed the laws about monarchy in England JUST SO William and Kate's baby could be Queen if she is a girl.  So, she HAS to be a girl).  I am planning for a girl name.  I think the Royal Baby's name will be some combination of these:

Phillipa Louise Victoria Diana Elizabeth

Calling it.



P.P.S. I'm not pregnant.      


Dawn said...

Cute post, I liked all the links. I can't decide if the pic of the little girl is creepy or pretty, but is it you and Robby or Kate's daughter? Could be either. P.S. I have connection to her now because of the hyperemesis.

Jennifer said...

Charlotte is a pretty name. I don't Robby liking anyone with that name so maybe it is still a possibility.

Jennifer said...

I don't "remember" Robby liking anyone named Charlotte...

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Hannah Hurd said...

Every time I read your blog I realize I need to read it more. I love/miss you mandy! My niece was almost a Charlotte I LOVE IT. Maybe he will change his mind when Charlotte is in your womb?? I always tell Saje baby names I love, all the sudden it's so much more fun to try and think of them now that we are all merryed (purposeful incorporation of your blog name). I envy you for seeing Kate on her wedding, and I would also be way WAY sad if Kate (who should be everyone's idol) also used the baby name I like. Poor kid would be the Royal baby copier for life. Is there really a chance it could be twins?!?! How on earth did you figure out how to create their baby? I died.

Anonymous said...

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